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Our Story

With perseverance, focus, and foresight, Taman Singh is known for his ability to resolve even the most intricate legal matters and achieve the best possible results for his clients. In representing his clients and their best interests, Taman balances a results-driven approach while ensuring that the objective is achieved in an efficient manner.

With legal knowledge and a strategic and focused mindset, Taman is equally effective at reaching creative and amicable resolutions when representing his clients. 

Taman’s clients trust him to recognize the unique complexities of their legal matters and to provide them with practical solutions that work best for them. Recognizing that every client is different, Taman effectively adapts his approach to their unique requirements and circumstances, to ensure the client’s best interests are met.



Family Law

Family Matters Are Overwhelming.
Legally, Financially And Psychologically. We Are Here To Help Protect Your Family’s Interests. 

Employment Law

Terminated From Your Job? Discriminated At Work?
We Are Here To Help You. Advice You Need. Compensation You Deserve.


Real Estate Law

Buying, Selling Or Refinancing Your Home? We Are Here To Help With Your Real Estate Transactional Needs.

Immigration Law

It is important to choose the program that best suits you. This can be quite a challenge due to Canada’s ever changing immigration laws. We take the time to get to know you as an individual and understand all the possible options available to you.

Civil Litigation

Any legal dispute occurring between two or more parties, whether it is a business or individuals, can be considered civil and commercial litigation



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